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Preview excerpts from the short film ‘Surviving Paradise’ (see below)… esoteric eccentric existentialism,  deriving from the beliefs of ancient indigenous peoples, involving the keys to survival:  shelter, food, and fire. Set on the island of Samothraki, an earthly paradise for outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, camping… and paranormal exploration of the effect of natural phenomenon on the collective consciousness of the human psyche…. See credits at end.

The First Rule for Surviving Freely in Paradise on Mother Earth…

…is to be Strong… and Strength originates from our sentient awareness of Heart & Mind in our Head … and the neural density of the brain, covered by , a organ, an energy receiver & transmitter, especially valuable as an antennae to receive impulses from surrounding external , functioning deceptively well in , is likely effective in multiple planes of , and beneficial for all types of between humans, noticeably enhancing awareness as a receiver, and transmitter.

Maintenance by washing with force & volume with natural waters without chlorine or fluoride additives, nor others found in shampoos. The hair lusts for polishing in winds, rains, solar radiation, and of seawater, spring water, perhaps rain water. Regular #exercise  pumps vital elixirs from other organs to the hair….creating  , density, lustre, and colour shades, and of course maintains sensitivity. Scalp hair reaching full length, stops extending length, and outputs of the growth process become surplus and are redirected from the hair to other functions within the body. in many never cut their hair.

These functions of the hair have been lost, forgotten and hidden purposely in modern societies, especially for men in whom such functions are significantly , for example, to enhance . Instead, our modern societies commonly condition men to conform to the short hair practice that throughout history reflects and serves purpose in societies that are heavily oriented to regimented militarism. Thus short hair serves purpose to increase conformity, and reduce these many empowering benefits…


Carnivorous Existentialis…

Troubling as it is, Human Carnivores implicitly face an existential question: whether they choose to lead a life governed by the Desires and Instincts of Beasts, OR by the Values and Ethics of Man… an existential choice that defines them individually.

New scientific evidence now emerges that mankind only began regularly dietary behaviour eating animals and animal protein, most probably sometime recently in the last 10,000 years of humanity’s hundreds of thousands of years on earth… Meanwhile, since the dawn of time, ancient history tells of when man began to eat animals. The animals were horrified, and in retaliation, they asked all creatures of earth to curse man with disease…. The plants were also horrified but they took sympathy on man, and choose instead to provide man with natural remedies and medicines to fight disease… To this day, the overwhelming majority of diseases afflicting mankind come from animals, and the remedies come from plants…

Eating meat in today’s world, is filling our bodies with all the un-natural chemicals of modern factory farming methods, and more poisons of our modern age… Eating wild meat is not acceptable because so few wild creatures are left in our protection… … Our ancestors ate meat for specific purposes beyond taste, beyong pleasure, beyond habit… for special purposes related to ritual events….for special purposes of absorbing much more than amino acid proteins… instead they ate it only for exceptional sacrifical rituals … essential to THE journey, a journey made for specific purposes that require a necessary understanding and absorption, of all THAT specific creature experienced in its life, all the memories of the creature: the muscle memories, the instinctive memories, the metaphysical memories of the creature’s existence in the world of Divine Nature’s paradise, which we share with it…  Always giving respectful thanks in gratitude for the creature’s sharing in this exceptional way….

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Demons of Darkness or just Monsters of Our Imagination…?

Alone in the Darkness with Demons or just Monsters of Our Imagination…? All are Creatures from alternative planes of consciousness. … Living alone in the forest for months, darkness is a dimension that becomes familiar… there is no night light from electricity…only from the moon. In the silence there are only suspicious sounds to trigger our fears, and perhaps a gentle hooting of a friendly owl that habitually visits, with weasels and martens and hedgehogs. Deep into the hours of darkness before dawn, mysterious humming reverberates at steady frequency – the resonance of trees. The sound of life’s motion moving through their veins and sinews, creates its own field of energy, merging with ours. Trees soothe sleep, tranquilize consciousness, nurture contemplation, and project us as projectiles into other dimensions of time and space.. The trees drop down their branches to provide material to shelter us, and fuel our fires to warm us. Their fluids heal and invigorate us. And all this they create with magical wonderous simplicity from carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight, and the spirits of our ancestors, whose remains nourish the soil absorbed by trees’ roots, and visit to dance for us, and humour our thoughts, in the flames from the burning branches of our fires. Don’t Deny Your Demons Your Darkness… for the trees, their resonance, and their many attributes, perform as protectors for our feeble mortal fears of the spirit world. The trees are truly a remarkable creation, the ultimate pristine renewable energy, and the perfect compliment to survival for man… remember of

 CREDITS: Video Excerpts From the short film  ‘Surviving Paradise’ ; Creative Concept & Direction: Martin Bakardjief; Camera: Todor Mischinev @Todor.Mishinev; Scripting- Impromptu Monologue Improvisation; Actor: RYAN OL @RyanOL.1

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