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Samothraki Art, a page for the artists of Samothrace to display their art, and for art lovers to view and link through to on-line shopping… Mountains, Sky, Clouds, Sunsets, Seas, Beaches, Plants and Trees, Creatures, Waterfalls, Beautiful Nature and Ancient Archaeology…, Celebrated in the Art of Samothrace: Photography, Paintings, and Poetry… Everything Flows on Samothraki, and That Which Flows, is Pure… Rivers, Waterfalls, Cascades, Vathre, Pools, Ponds… Jan 8 2022

Thank you to the artists of Samothraki… For credits, contact, and contributions, please see Magic Mountain in the Sea on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook… google search ‘Samothraki Magic’…. All Rights Reserved…


Painting by Thedoros Fillaridis
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Surviving Paradise… Link

Surviving Paradise… Link